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Prof. Nicola Bezzo

Faculty -- My research focuses on increasing resiliency in autonomous systems

Carmelo Di Franco

Postdoctoral Researcher -- Robotics, CPS, Machine Learning

Esen Yel

PhD Student -- Motion Planning, Reachability Analysis, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Control, Assured Autonomy

Paul Bonczek

PhD Student -- Adaptive Control, CPS Cyber-security, Resilient Control and Planning

Rahul Peddi

PhD Student -- human-robot interaction, motion planning under uncertainties, machine learning

Shijie Gao

PhD Student -- Transfer learning, sensing, localization, mapping

Ishika Paul

PhD Student - Imitation Learning, Motion Planning, Resiliency in robotics

Phil Seaton

PhD Student -- Robotics, heterogeneous systems, online learning

Jacob Higgings

PhD student - MPC, control and motion planning, aerial robotics

Mary Margaret Gates

MS Student - CPS cyber-security, multi-agent resiliency

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- Tony Lin (now at Georgia Tech)

- Atiena Branch (now at NRL); 

- Vishaal Saraiya;

- Tahiya Salam (now at UPenn);

- Mahmoud Elnaggar;

- Mrugen Deshmukh

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