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Lauren Bramblett

I am currently a US Air Force Officer and Ph.D. student in Systems Engineering at the University of Virginia. I work in the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) Lab and Link Lab under the advisement of Prof. Nicola Bezzo. Before joining the AMR Lab, I obtained my B.S. degree Applied Mathematics at the US Air Force Academy in 2017 and my M.S. degree in Operations Research at the Air Force Institute of Technology in 2019. In 2019, I served as a Operations Research Analyst for Headquarters Air Force, responsible for informing Air Force policy decisions to include promotion, retention, and sustainment policy using Air Force manpower data and worked as a technical expert on key personnel management issues for senior Air Force leaders.


Within the AMR Lab, our research focuses on how to coordinate autonomous multi-agent vehicles.




US Air Force Academy

B.S. in Applied Mathematics

  • Capstone: “Estimating Ballistic Missile Trajectories Using Chebyshev  Polynomials”


Air Force Institute of Technology

M.S. in Operations Research

  • Thesis: “Turbojet Tradeoff Estimations in Efficient Modeling and Optimization Formulation”





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