• Jacob's paper on Navigating Occlusions accepted to 2021 RAL+ICRA.

  • Paul's paper on Detecting non-random behavior in cyber attacks accepted to 2021 ACC 

  • Prof. Nicola Bezzo joined the organizing committee of ICRA'22 in Philadelphia (Phase 1 website to appear soon)

  • Prof. Nicola Bezzo became Associate Editor for RA-L

  • Esen is the recipient of the Link Lab Student Seminar Award! Congratulations!

  • 3 papers accepted at IROS'20 - Congratulations Esen and Rahul

  • Maggie and her team win the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC)! Congratulations!

  • Nicola Bezzo to give a talk at ICRA'20 Workshop on Security and Privacy for Robotics


  • Maggie and her team advance to the final round of National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC)! Congratulations!

  • Esen's pa per on Assured Run-time Monitoring and Planning accepted to RAM - Special Issue on Machine Learning in Robotics

  • Esen's paper on Self-triggered Planning and Control of UAV operation accepted to JINT 

  • Carmelo's paper on Explainable Monitoring of UAV operations was accepted to RAL+ICRA

  • Paul's paper on non-random attack detection accepted to IFAC

  • Paul's paper on CUSIGN for attach detection in CPS accepted to ACC

  • AMR Lab receives grant from MITRE to detect and recover UAVs after collisions

  • AMR Lab receives grant from NSF to develop a research infrastructure composed of robotic systems and sensor networks for long-term in-situ studies of occupant behavior, cognition, and interactions

  • AMR Lab receives grant from DARPA to assure autonomy

  • AMR Lab receives grant from NSF to predict malicious intentions and recover autonomous systems 

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